Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Well Service Rhome Tx All American Water Well

We had a family call us saying that they had pressure then lost it and had moved the handle on the on their pressure switch to get it on again.  We came out and found that they had two problems.  One was that their pressure switch was bad.  They had the kind that had a lever on the side and it kept getting stuck and would either stay open or stay closed and in addition to that they also had a bad pressure tank.  We checked the air in it while it was empty and it only had about 12 lbs of air in it and that is an indicator of a bad tank.  We changed out the pressure switch and the tank and everything has been ok since then.  If you are having pressure problems you will want to call your water well service company or you can call us at (940) 389-6850 and we can come out to find the problem and fix it.  If you end up having a bladder tank that gets water logged it can make your pump short cycle or cycle rapidly and it will burn up your pump prematurely just like the one we found today, it is only 4 years old but has burned up already.  The good news is that the pump is still under warranty, the bad news is that the homeowner must pay the labor for the pump to be pulled.  If you are experiencing your pump coming on and shutting off within seconds please call us so we can check it out, you could be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.

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