Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Well Service Chico Tx-All American Water Well

We had some folks call us to see how much it would be to replace a pump, I told the lady how much it was and she hung up.  Not five minutes later she called back and said when can you come do it? I told her as soon as I finish here since she did not have any water.  People who have no water are our priority.  We got the job because we were not as pricy as the other guys and we sounded nice on the phone, atleast that's what I was told.  We came out and found that they had a piece of property that had a well on it but the pump was bad.  We replaced the pump and got them into water that evening.  Something that they did not think about was that before you buy a piece of property you may want to have the well checked out before you show up and have no water.  Because to add insult to injury not only did we have to replace the pump but the pressure tank had rusted out on the bottom and water just gushed out.  The good think was we were able to get their motor home filled with water until the next day when we brought a new tank.  You may want to call your water well service company or if you don't have one call us at (940) 389-6850 and we will come check out your well and get you the right parts and get your water going.

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