Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Well Service decatur Tx (940) 389-6850

We had one of our customers call with a water well problem, they said that they had water coming from their well house so they shut off their water and when we got their we found a hole in their galvanized tank.  You could see some old small holes that had plugged themselves but the hole was on the back side of the tank.  We were able to change out the tank and get the water going again.  Now the reason I'm writing this is to inform you about your tank.  It is good to check it to see if you can spot any small rust stains that may indicate a hole in the tank.  If you find one of these it is time to save a little money and call your water well service company or you can call us at (940) 389-6850 and we can come and change your tank for you.  But, please don't wait until your garage or other important piece of property is flooded before you call, the water damage is not worth the wait.  You will see the cancer on the tank so you will know what to look for or you can go to our youtube video and see what someone else's looks like at

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